Heritage Casey A Wood Duck Hand Carved Decoy Snap Back

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This is a NEW style of hats we are making. We are representing the Hand Carved Decoy community of the East Coast. The goal in showcasing these different style is to show that each person has a unique carving style. We would love to see more people start hunting over hand carved decoys! This is Decoy Carver Casey A's Story!  One morning, while sitting in a duck blind on Core Sound in Carteret County, North Carolina, Casey Arthur heard a noise over the Northeast wind. It was a noise he had heard all too often while hunting. It wasn't the sound of his brother hiding the boat from plain view. It wasn't even the sound of the morning migration of Geese. Core Sound was angrier than usual on this morning and it just so happened that the noise was the sound of plastic decoys hitting the water repeatedly. For some reason, prior to this particular morning, the sound had meant nothing. This morning, however, it sparked an idea in Casey's head to search for a better alternative. In a few years, with the help of several people and organizations, Casey had just that. Casey A Decoys was born. With so much history and heritage wrapped around Caseys hometown of Stacy, NC and the history of his family as decoy carvers, there wasn't a doubt that this was a good decision. Casey carves Core Sound style gunning decoys with a unique finish and most of his decoys can either come rigged to hunt or easily be rigged thereafter. All of Casey's decoys are made to suit hunting needs with a one-of-a-kind feel. Every piece is unique in its own way and is sure to satisfy the eye.  http://www.caseyadecoys.com https://www.facebook.com/caseyadecoys/ Instagram: @caseyadecoys Casey A Decoys Hand-Carved Core Sound Decoys